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Kern Foods Distributing, Inc.
About Us
William A. Webber II started Webber Farm Sausage in 1930 in Cynthiana, Kentucky. William’s son, William Webber III, better known as “Billy” became partners with his dad and together they knew how to make great tasting sausage. The Webber family took pride in their sausage and made sure it was always of the highest quality. Well, today it is owned by Kern Food Dist. Inc. located in Brooksville, Kentucky. Edward B. Kern, president of Kern Food Dist. Inc., takes the same kind of pride in Webber’s Sausage, as did the Webber family.

Edward B. Kern has continued the commitment to great taste, quality, and the satisfaction of the customer. Please contact us if you have any suggestions or comments. We love hearing from you.

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