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Webber Farms Southern Style Mild Sausage Patties, 2.25lbs.

Finished Product Specification


Product Name:

Webber Farms 2.25lbs. Retail Patties


Item Number:   41830002222

Package UPC:   041830002222

Case UPC:   00041830002222


Product Description:

Webber's Family Pack,Southern Style Mild Pork Sausage Patties are made with flavor and convenience in mind. We take our original seasoning, blend it with select ground pork and slice it into easy to cook tender sausage patties. We then take 24 patties and package them in our

attractive retail box using a wax paper between each layer.



Pork, Water, Salt, Flavorings, Dextrose, and Mono-sodium Glutamate


Physical Properties:

Our ready to cook, fresh frozen, 1.5oz pork sausage patties are carefully placed in an attractive easy open package designed to be kept frozen until used.


Packaging Standards:

Type of Package:   Family Pack box

Package Gross Weight:   2.5 lbs.

Package Net Weight:   36oz(2.25 lbs.)1021g

Package Length:   9.4375 inches

Package Width:   6.3125 inches

Package Height:   1.8125 inches

Pieces per package:   24 patties

Frozen Shelf Life:   3 months

Refrigerated Shelf Life:   14 days held at 40 degrees and below


Case Standards:

Packages/Case:   6- 2.25lb per case

Case Gross Weight:   15 lbs.

Case Net Weight:   13.5 lbs.

Case Tare Weight:   1.5 lbs.

Dated Product Type:   Julian or Use by


Box Standards:

Box Code:   12# 42

Box Length:   12.75 inches

Box Width:   9.75 inches

Box Height:   5.75 inches

Volume:   0.414


Pallet Standards:

Layers:   10

Cases per Layer:   15

Cases per pallet:   150

Pallet Length:   48 inches

Pallet Width:   40 inches

Pallet Height:   4.75 inches

Overall Pallet Height:   62.25 inches

Volume:   69.166


Chemical Standards:

Microbiology Standards:   STP, E coli, Salmonella

Metal Detection:   Xray contaminant detection and metal detections