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Original Mild Sausage

Webber Farms Original Mild Sausage

This is our original mild pork sausage packaged in a convenient 1 lb. chub. A delicious addition to any meal. As you can expect all hands raised when asked if this was the favorite breakfast sausage here at Webbers. Each 16-ounce roll has the original recipe and of course the very best cuts of pork are used making it a "guaranteed great taste".

Southern Sage Sausage

Webber Farms Southern Sage Sausage

Our famous sausage with a southern flair. Just the right amount of our southern sage seasoning. Packaged in a convenient 1 lb. chub. Mom says this is how sausage is supposed to taste. Using 16 ounces of the very best ingredients Webbers decided that a little extra sage would make a full flavored sausage that you could also use in your stuffing and other recipes, as well as serving it next to your eggs...they were right.

Bold 'n Hot Sausage

Webber Farms Bold 'n Hot Sausage

Our famous sausage with a little extra sizzle! Sure to spark some attention! Packaged in a convenient 1 lb. chub. It's exactly what you would expect, 16 ounces of all the best cuts of pork with a tasteful addition of our finest spices that gives it that "hint of heat" that you are looking for. It's great as an entree or added to your favorite recipe.


Webber Farms Sausage Links

We are very proud of our sausage links and we know you will love all the flavor we packed into them. Whether the sun is rising or setting Webber sausage links will give your family that satisfying smile when they see what you are serving.


Webber Farms Patties

When you want it all: convenience, quality, affordability, satisfied family, and no leftovers then make sure Webbers 24 count 1.5oz Sausage Patties are in your freezer at all times. What you don't see is that they are made from our original recipe, layered on wax paper, immediately frozen and packaged. What you will notice is they can be prepared on a moments notice for any meal, and of course a "thank you, that was really good", really, I'm not kidding!

Pulled Pork BBQ

Webber Farms Pulled Pork BBQ in a Tangy Sweet Red Sauce

Webber's pulled pork bbq is hand pulled from select Boston butts, fully cooked and blended with a tangy bbq sauce, then packed and sealed in a microwaveable tray. No one will believe this came out of your microwave. This 18-ounce package will make 6 of the best and meatiest bbq sandwiches ever to grace your table. "It is the best taste this side of the Promised Land."


Webber Farms Hardwood Smoked Bacon

Webber's puts all the bacon in their sausage??? Well that's how it has to be, but we like bacon too so we have it made elsewhere, under E.B.s (our owner) standards of course. They had to "get it right" just like the sausage and did they ever. There will be approximately 16 slices of the very best bacon you can get in a 1-pound package and the result is a smile as big as one of our bacon strips. It goes fast, I suggest using two skillets.

Sausage and Biscuits

Webber Farms Sausage and Biscuits

When you choose either our 20-count or our 12-count bag of sausage and biscuits you may think this is too much, but wait until you serve them, they are delicious. You can easily microwave our sausage and biscuits in the individual packages for about 30 seconds. One individual package (2 sandwiches) should feed one disciplined person. Like noted above we sell them in the family size 20 packs too.

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