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Webber Farms Hardwood Smoked Bacon,

1 lb. package

Finished Product Specification


Product Name:

Webber Farm's 1lb. Bacon


Item Number:   80530

Package UPC:   41830-00404

Case UPC:  59199-80530


Product Description:

Webber Farms 1lb. V.P. Bacon L-Board Hardwood Smoked



Cured with water, salt, sugar, sodium phosphates, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrate


Physical Properties:

Primary and Secondary lean each slice thick sh ct- 14/18 ct


Packaging Standards:

Type of Package:   Cryovac

Package Gross Weight:   1 lb.

Package Net Weight:   1 lb.

Package Length:   9 3/4"

Package Width:   5 3/4"

Package Height:   6 "

Pieces per package:   14-18 ct.

Frozen Shelf Life:   6 months

Refrigerated Shelf Life:   3 months


Case Standards:

Packages/Case:   24/1 lb.

Case Gross Weight:   26.4 lb.

Case Net Weight:   24 lb.

Case Tare Weight:   2.4 lbs.

Dated Product Type:   sell by


Box Standards:

Box Code:   BX0115R

Box Length:   16 7/8"

Box Width:   11 3/8"

Box Height:   6 1/2"

Volume:   .84 cu ft.


Pallet Standards:

Layers:   7

Cases per Layer:   9

Cases per pallet:   63

Pallet Length:   48 "

Pallet Width:   48"

Pallet Height:   4"

Overall Pallet Height:



Chemical Standards:

Microbiology Standards:   Top Notch- own swabs-own lab

Metal Detection: None