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Webber Farms Original Mild Sausage,

12/1 lb. packages

Finished Product Specification


Product Name:

Webber Farms Original Mild Sausage, 12/1 lb packages


Item Number:   4183000003

Package UPC:   41830000037

Case UPC:   10041830000034


Product Description:

Webber Farms Original Mild Sausage is a frozen product. The chub is packaged in a pre-printed, laminated film



Pork, Water, Salt, Flavorings, Dextrose, Monosodium Glutamate


Physical Properties:

Loose/intermediate bind with bright pink appearance characteristic of pre-rigor pork


Packaging Standards:

Type of Package:   Film Roll Chub

Package Gross Weight:   16.16 oz or 458 grams

Package Net Weight:   16 oz or 454 grams

Package Length:   6.88 inches or 17.4752 centimeters

Package Width:   2.25 inches or 5.715 centimeters

Package Height:   2.25 inches or 5.715 centimeters

Pieces per package:   1

Frozen Shelf Life:   Minimum of 29 days

Refrigerated Shelf Life:   Not recommended


Case Standards:

Packages/Case:   12

Case Gross Weight:   12.5 lb 0.00 oz or 5.67 kg

Case Net Weight:   12 lb 0.00 oz or 5.443 kg

Case Tare Weight:   0.5 lb 0.000 oz

Dated Product Type:   Sell by


Box Standards:

Box Code:   200226

Box Length:   14.5 inches

Box Width:   7.25 inches

Box Height:   4.75 inches

Volume:   0.29 cubic feet


Pallet Standards:

Layers:   7

Cases per Layer:   15

Cases per pallet:   105

Pallet Length:   48 inches

Pallet Width:   40 inches

Pallet Height:   5.5 inches

Overall Pallet Height:   38.75 inches

Volume:   43.06 cubic feet


Chemical Standards:

Microbiology Standards:   24-28% Fat (Soxhlet)

Metal Detection:   All product is metal detected with calibrated equipment